Koch Media Has Successfully Acquired TimeSplitters IP

The much beloved TimeSplitters IP is now under the care of new owners. Today official word was released that unveiled Koch Media has now acquired the rights to the IP. This was a beloved video game franchise that has been around since 2000. Now that the title is in the care of Koch Media we may soon see a new installment.

Since the game has been around in 2000 there has been a fan base for it. However, despite the pleas from fans for developers at Crytek UK to make another TimeSplitters video game, nothing has ever come out. There have been talks of bringing back a new installment or revival but those plans never came to fruition.

This is huge news for the TimeSplitters fan base but unfortunately, there’s nothing else to unveil at the current moment. While Koch Media now has the rights to release the older titles once again or bring out a new installment, we haven’t heard quite yet on what is in the works for the franchise.

Likewise, this could allow for a reboot for the franchise in order to bring on new players into the series along with refining the gameplay mechanics. Regardless, even though we don’t have any news as to what is currently going on with the IP in terms of its future, word that its now under new control does indicate that we will have some type of TimeSplitters video game released into the market in the near future.

[Source: GameSpot]