Obsidian Wants to Develop Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3

Star Wars: The Old Republic is now accessible for all players. The huge MMO from EA and BioWare is a strong free-to-play option for fans of the Knights of the Old Republic franchise, but that doesn’t mean the community desire for a third game has been stamped out. If anything, the news of EA taking hold of the Star Wars license has only increased talk of a fresh game in the series. There have been no real public discussions from either EA or BioWare about a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3 as this time, but Project Eternity developer and Kickstarter success story, Obsidian Entertainment, would love to be the team to make the game.

Speaking with Gameranx in an exclusive interview, Chris Avellone of Obsidian Entertainment mentioned his team’s desire to continue work on Knights of the Old Republic. It was his team that took over for BioWare after the original game, and while all the focus at this time is on Project Eternity, the door is still open for a new Star Wars game.

“We would love to do Knights of the Old Republic 3, in any fashion,” Avellone said when discussing the EA purchase.

For now, the only Star Wars game we know that EA is working on is Battlefront, which was teased just slightly at this year’s E3. The deal is still new, so we should expect to see plenty of other announcements concerning the wildly popular brand when a bit more time has passed.