Bethesda Acquires Escalation Studios Now Known As Bethesda Dallas

During QuakeCon 2018, the expo unveiled a few video game titles and announcements onto the world. One of which is that the development team has acquired a new studio in Dallas, Texas. The studio is now known as Bethesda Game Studios Dallas, other otherwise known as Bethesda Dallas.

The studio has already been working with Bethesda for a number of years now such as helping with the development Doom, it doesn’t come to much surprise to see that the studio had fully signed under Bethesda. With this new studio, Bethesda will have four offices which include locations in Texas, Montreal, and Maryland.

Already Bethesda Dallas is being put to work on a number of projects. Apparently, this new rebranded studio is helping out with the development process of Fallout 76, Elder Scrolls Blades and lastly, Starfield. While we didn’t really get any new information on the three titles so far at QuakeCon 2018, what we’ve already been shown during previous events such as E3 2018 does have our interest.

Regardless, we imagine this new studio will help out when it comes to the overall development process of the games being worked on.

Speaking of QuakeCon 2018, the event recently held their conference event where Doom Eternal finally had its gameplay unveiled. You can watch the event recap along with the gameplay footage for the title in our post right here.

[Source: Game Informer]