Sleep Tight Celebrates Launch With Live Stream Event

Sleep Tight, developed under We Are Fuzzy, is a twin-stick shooter that acts very much like an arcade style game. Overall the game follows a kid who must survive the night after a slew of monsters invade the bedroom.

Making use of a day and night cycle, players are able to unlock new weapons, upgrades and defenses that can be built up during the daylight. However, during the night, players will have to fight against various monsters.

By killing monsters you’ll be able to collect stars and suns that can be used to use during the daylight upgrades and purchases.

As mentioned in our title, We Are Fuzzy is throwing a live stream that showcases gamers playing Sleep Tight the night prior to its release. You can get your hands on a copy of Sleep Tight on July 26, 2018, for the PC and Nintendo Switch platforms.

Watch live video from dennis_gameranx on