Valve Bans 95,000 Cheaters Last Week

Valve has been clamping down hard on cheaters. According to SteamDB last week alone nearly 95,000 accounts have been banned. As you can see from the graph this is a massive spike compared to the usual.  It should be noted that while the estimates are actually slightly lower in real life.

I wonder what caused the spike in bans? Perhaps the launch of a new cheating software or changes to Valve’s anti-cheat code? Who knows.

In other Valve news, you may already have a copy of Red Faction Guerilla Re-Mars-tered.

Red Faction: Guerilla is an awesome little open-world game, and you might already own a copy without even knowing. In a super-cool move, THQ Nordic released the Re-Mars-tered edition slightly earlier than the physical console version, and if you purchased the game on Steam, you can start downloading right now. Just check your Steam Library, and you’ll see the game with its new official name.

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