Red Faction: Guerilla Re-Mars-tered – You Might Have A Free Copy, Check Steam

Red Faction: Guerilla is an awesome little open-world game, and you might already own a copy without even knowing. In a super-cool move, THQ Nordic released the Re-Mars-tered edition slightly earlier than the physical console version, and if you purchased the game on Steam, you can start downloading right now. Just check your Steam Library, and you’ll see the game with its new official name.

This is a totally different version than the standard edition, and does not replace it in your Steam Library. Right now, the game is available for purchase for only $9.99 on Steam and GoG — that’s 50% off the standard price on PC.


The Red Faction series has been in limbo every since the death of publisher THQ. In 2016, Nordic purchased a stake in THQ and renamed themselves THQ Nordic, reviving the red planet-based action series. We can only hope this might mean more Red Faction games in the future. If they’re anything like Guerilla, I would be very, very excited. Who doesn’t love swinging a giant hammer around and knocking over buildings with realistic destruction physics?

The destruction physics are what make this old game very, very memorable. Everything on the hilly surface of your barren planet can be destroyed — and you’ll need to destroy as much as possible. The game is about dismantling the facilities and structures placed by the evil EDF.

You’ll need a stack of explosive charges and a giant hammer to knock buildings down, earning scrap and freeing the populace from the bad guys. It’s a breezy, infinitely playable game — and it’s fun just watching those towers crumble into a thousand physics-based pieces. If you haven’t played it yet, I recommend jumping on the classic bandwagon and giving it a try in 4K.

(And, yes! You can play in 4K on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It’s a standard feature you can download.)