The Culling 2 To Be Pulled From All Digital Stores

Following an absolutely dismal launch, Xaviant Games, the developers behind the battle-royale title The Culling 2 will be shutting the game down, just days after its release.

The Culling 2, the most recent take on the whole-battle Royale craze, has had an absolutely awful launch -the game released on July 10th and has only hit a peak of only 249, with only two players in the last 24 hours and 0 at the time of writing.

What’s more, the game has had considerably negative reviews on Steam, with the page consensus being ‘Very Negative’ (a rare for any Steam game.) Most of the reviews describe the ‘unfinished state’ state of the game as a motivating factor for the low ratings.

Xaviant has decided that its best course of action is to focus on what originally worked – the first Culling game. As a result, the devs aim on returning the title to its day one build – this means bringing back airdrop perks and the original combat system. Xaviant will also be making the game-free-to-play in hopes of attracting back players.

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