More Details Emerge For BioWare’s Anthem

Looks like attention has been brought back to Anthem with the game’s big E3 conference – and while the E3 craze is over, it seems like we keep learning more and more about the game every week. Youtuber Arekkz recently got the chance to speak with Jonathan Warner, the game director for Anthem. Together they went through the overall aims, progression, and the endgame of Anthem.

To begin with, it seems that Anthem is going to follow a similar outlay to that of Destiny. There will be the main quest to progress through but the end of the game is really up to you. Warner stated, “The overarching goal is really to power up your javelins to the degree where you feel that you’re pretty legendary.” The centre of the game is to defeat the Dominion – but that’s really more of the mid-part of the game. BioWare will release lots of endgame content so players can engage in other quests and activities. There’s always going to be a reason to come back on a weekly, daily basis,” explains Warner.

This will be made available by the game’s lore,“This is an unfinished world by its gods. The gods have left, and left it in kind of a strange state and so that’s always a conflict that you’re going to engage in.” Says Warner.

What’s more, players will be making use of multiple javelins – so it won’t be like a traditional RPG where you try out a class for a few hours and then switch out.

Anthem is set to release in 2019.