The Last of Us: Part II Will Have Multiplayer

The Last of Us was a huge success when it first debuted on the PlayStation 3. Since then, gamers have been eagerly awaiting to dive back into the world with beloved characters Joel and Ellie. One of the big reveals that Sony showcased during their E3 press conference was The Last of Us: Part II gameplay trailer. This was the first look at some actual gameplay footage for the upcoming title.

From what we gathered in the trailer, it seems that the world is still dark and full of hostile groups as Ellie maneuvered around the world taking out her targets brutally. However, what we didn’t see was the return of Joel so we’re of course wondering just where the character will make an appearance in the game.

Sony and Naughty Dog didn’t reveal any information after the gameplay footage, but after an interview with GameSpot, we do know what the upcoming sequel will have a multiplayer component. Unfortunately, that’s really all we know at this point.

Co-directors Anthony Newman and Kurt Margenau stated that Factions will make a return but did not give any information regarding changes or other multiplayer game modes we may see release.

Regardless, we know that The Last of Us: Part II will release on the PlayStation 4 but absolutely no information has been shared for when the game will launch into the market.