Quake Champions Will Be Free-to-play This Week

In celebration of E3 and all the awesome announcements coming from Bethesda, the competitive shooter Quake Champions will be free-to-play. For this week, from June 10 to June 17, you can download the game from Steam for free- and if you do, you get to keep it forever, no strings attached. But if you miss the mark, you won’t be able to snag this opportunity.

So far, fans have been raving about the revived classic shooter, with the game receiving an outstanding 9 stars out of 10 on the game’s product page. While you do get those few maintaining the standpoint that old games do not belong in the modern market, the consensus seems that it will take a while to get into the groove of Quake Champions. Set aside some time and appreciate iD’s remake.

It’s a free game, so there’s no harm in downloading and checking it out for yourself.