Two New Expansions Coming To Sea Of Thieves

When Sea of Thieves launched, critics were generally unimpressed. Drawing comparisons to Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky, the majority of the blame was pinned on the game’s lack of content. Now it seems that Rare studios intends on righting some of its wrongs by releasing two new expansion packs for the game. With one expansion for the game, titled The Hungering Deep, already in the pipeline, Microsoft announced two more expansion packs for Sea of Thieves with a new trailer.

The first pack is called Cursed Sails and is set to arrive in July. This pack aims to populate the game with new NPCs in and around the world. The second expansion pack, called Forbidden Shores, will be adding a new area to the game’s map.

Forbidden Shores is looking quite interesting, drawing away from the fun cartoony style the game has for a more serious, apocalyptic setting. You can take a look at what both the expansions are going to be like in the trailer below.