Smartphones Get An Elder Scrolls Release; Will Feature Multi-platform Cross-play

Looking to get your Elder Scrolls fix on the go? Bethesda has announced a mobile release of Elder Scrolls, dubbed The Elder Scrolls Blades, a surprisingly full-featured Elder Scrolls game for smartphone. The game features full fledged combat, questing, dungeons (some of which are procedural and some of which are hand designed), a town you can customize and build and have your friends visit, and an exciting new storyline which puts players in a secret assassins group of the Empire called the Blades. What’s more, the game can also be played in both portrait and landscape, so you’ll have it easier when smashing late night gaming sessions in bed.

The game will be absolutely free to play, and you can already pre-register interest for it on the App Store and on Google Play. Todd Howards plans on release the game for all platforms (that means PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and VR) so all players will be able to take on each other through cross-play means, pretty cool right?