DOOM Sequel Announced; Features Twice As Many Demons

Ok, I’m going to take a moment of silence to raise my hands up and thank the gaming gods that is Bethesda and iD Software.


Bethesda has officially announced a sequel to quite possibly one of the best game this generation has seen, DOOM 2016.

DOOM Eternal looks like it’s going to be following the same aesthetic of the reboot, except on a bigger scale and with a bigger location. Bethesda and id Software are promising an even more powerful Doomslayer, twice as many demons as the original game, and “hell on earth”. Unfortunately, the trailer didn’t show off any gameplay – rather setting the scene for the upcoming game. Bethesda did go on record to state that we’ll have to wait until QuakeCon to see some more of the game, so for now, I guess this little piece of awesomeness will have to do.

DOOM Eternal will most likely release on PS4, PC and Xbox One either this year or next.