Just Cause 4 Leaked Via Steam

Looks like someone over at Steam made a massive slip-up today. Just Cause 4 has officially been leaked as promotional images of it were presented in the Store’s front page. Of course, images of the upcoming game have since been removed but I’d say this is solid enough confirmation that we will, in fact, be receiving a new game with Rico blasting back onto our consoles sometime soon.

The image displays the daredevil himself in what looks like a stormy jungle. Perhaps we may see an environmental shift away from the idyllic islands, to a more jungle thick play area? Who knows.

In other Avalanche studios news, Rage 2 is set to have a better ending than the first. Read more, here.

Since the announcement of Rage 2, the game has almost consistently been popping up on the news with teased updates and changes coming from Avalanche and iD Software. The most recent bit nugget we’ve received comes from the game’s official twitter, that Rage 2 is going to be better in almost every way.

Here’s what the account had to say:

‘Everything about  is better than the first game. Everything. Even the ending.’

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