GTA 5 Gameplay Details, Soundtrack Information Discovered

Being a criminal is tough. Sure, robbing banks, stealing hot rides, and smoking anyone who tries to get in your way may sound like a glamorous life, but there’s plenty of stress involved. The protagonists in the Grand Theft Auto franchise seem to understand that sometimes, you just need to cool off with a bit of music. The radio stations, and the select songs they play, have been one of the most interesting things to learn about when a new GTA is on the horizon, and while we’re yet to get an official track list, one artist has let slip that he’ll be contributing to the game.

Wavves, an American surf rock band based in San Diego, will be bringing their talents to the streets of Los Santos later this year. At least, if you believe his obvious Tweet.

Along with this news comes a list of gameplay details that have been discovered. The Xbox World forums have produced the following bits of information concerning GTA 5:

·         You no longer gather ammo just by passing over it. Now you have to press a button.

·         KWKR is the first confirmed radio. 

·          A HEALTH remix of a The xx song was played in said station.

·         Crews can schedule their missions though Rockstar Social Club.

·         Week days return and will affect gameplay.

·         Each radio will comment on the aftermath of the missions, like SA and VCS.

·         You can place a bike in the Bobcat. 

·         It's impossible to shoot friends.

·         Line of sight system works as perfectly as a stealth game.

Since 2K Games and Take-Two won’t have an official presence at E3, we probably won’t be hearing much more about GTA 5 next week. For now, let’s just turn on the radio, listen to some cool jazz, and wait until the game launches for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Sept. 17