Funcom Finally Unveils The Secret World in First Gameplay Exposé

the secret world

The first ever gameplay trailer of Funcom's "The Secret World" that was shown at the recent GDC 2011 event has finally made its way onto the web. The upcoming MMORPG takes place in an alternate earth where cities like New York and London and Seoul are inhabited by otherworldly forces within their shadows.

In their adventures, players can make their way to places like Salem, Transylvania and Egypt by aligning with one of three secret societies: the Illuminati, the Cult of the Dragon, and the Templars. Players will fight together, or against others in a bid to control the world while engaging in what Funcom calls an "epic storyline."

"The Secret World" is the first massively multiplayer world that does away with confinements like classes and levels, allowing players to define their characters as they please–learning skills and abilities based on their experiences rather than predetermined builds. Its developers call it "true freedom of progression," and it should be a major step in how MMORPGs are designed, should the game meet success.

We look forward to hearing more about the game in the coming months.