Resident Evil 7 On Nintendo Switch Operates Via Cloud

It looks like the Nintendo Switch version of Capcom’s latest horror title, Resident Evil 7 is going to be a little bit different than the other consoles. On May 24th Nintendo owners will take on the Baker family through a cloud version of the game.¬†¬†reports that the game will use the Ubitas cloud service to deliver the game and will require a constant internet connection in order to play. Nintendo stresses that the connection should be stable.

As of right now, the eShop listing does not support English (that being said, we should expect an English release sometime soon.) The game’s download size sits at a tiny 45mb (which makes sense considering the cloud operation) which will enable the full game and all the DLC on Switch.
The game follows an interesting model which allows for the first 15 minutes of gameplay to be free, which then requires a 2,000 yen ticket ($18) lasting 180 days. Read more about this over on the site, here.
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