Daily Deal: Vanquish Is Free On Xbox Games With Gold

Vanquish, is completely free if you own an Xbox Live subscription.

Originally launching back in 2011, Vanquish follows the story of Sam Gideon, an American soldier with a high tech-enhanced suit. The game has been praised for its fluid shooting mechanics, fun fast paced action and variety of special abilities the player can make use of. It’s an awesome, cinematic game with loads of replayability hooks. Head on over to the marketplace and pick it up, here.

You are Sam Gideon – an American soldier armed with state-of-the-art combat armor known as an Augmented Reaction Suit. Battle for the fate of your nation in a shooting action game like none ever seen!

In addition to an arsenal of firearms and considerable hand-to-hand combat skills, Sam has a few tricks at his disposal thanks to the power of ARS: Tricks like AR mode, which shows him surrounding enemies in slow motion, and Boost, which lets him slide around the battlefield at breakneck speed. Mastering these abilities and more is critical to surviving the no-holds-barred action!