Turtle Beach and Microsoft Partner to Make Xbox One Headsets


As many more details began to leak out after the Xbox One event, news brought forth the disappointing reality that the Xbox One will not support current-gen headsets. Today, Microsoft and Turtle Beach announced their partnership to produce Xbox One headsets.

While your old headsets will most likely continue to function in delivering game sound, their voice chat capabilities will not. The Xbox One will no longer support the chat ports built into the bottom of Xbox 360 controllers.

A Microsoft representative mentioned that they "are working with 3rd party-headset manufacturers" which in turn today became Turtle Beach.

Microsoft also plans to monitor third-party Xbox One accessories that will force electronics manufactures to follow any specifications Microsoft employs in their licensing program.

Much like the unknown specific information of other Xbox One features, Microsoft promises details regarding price and release dates for the new range of products in "the coming weeks."Hopefully these details will reveal if the console will in fact come packaged with a basic headset, much like the Xbox 360 and PS4. Since Microsoft plans to abandon the chat port in favour of possibly more convenient methods of connection, expect some form of wireless communication.

Source: IGN