EA Looking to Bring Battlefield 4 to Oculus Rift

The Verge has reported confirmation that upcoming EA titles, including Battlefield 4 from DICE and BioWare's Dragon Age 3: Inquisition, are to be developed for the Oculus Rift. 

Frank Viz, the head of the Frostbite creative team at DICE, commented "I am really eager to see how the Oculus Rift works with Frostbite. There are multiple titles in the works that would be awesome with the Rift."

While Vitz doesn't categorically state that any EA games will definitely come to the Oculus Rift he has revealed that several developer kits have been ordered. This is also the first time EA has expressed an interest in developing for the system.

"It will be the responsibility of each game team to ensure that their game works in S3D and with the Rift if it proves to be viable," he stressed suggesting individual games could be headed to the virtual reality platform without the support of a wider EA effort.

Vitz addes that while he's waiting for his developer kit integrating Frostbite ought to be "pretty straightforward." EA is looking for a student researcher to look into "VR technology in games" with the Rift specifically mentioned.

"The thesis work will be about how to make it work really well," Vitz comments.

EA's upcoming Star Wars games, which will also be developed using Frostbite 3, may also see Oculus Rift support.