Spectrum Multiplayer Race Mode Announced

3D Avenue has outfitted its stylish minimalist platformer Spectrum with a brand new multiplayer race mode. So as well as blitzing between neon obstacle courses and jamming out to synth beats, you’ve got the option to double your fun in multiplayer race mode — a couch co-op race to the finish. This is a special (and exclusive) perk for Nintendo Switch players, who can indulge in split Joy-Con play and dive into Spectrum’s geometric bliss for some guaranteed gravity-defying fun.

The goal in Spectrum is to navigate through a series of courses and reach the exit portal. If you’re after a challenging, arcadey experience that has a strong immersion factor, this might be the game for you.

Main course:

  • Mysterious minimalist world
  • Gravity-based gameplay
  • Ambient OST that unlocks nirvana*
  • 80 levels of shape-shifting action across 8 different environments
  • 3 bonus objectives on each level for completionists
  • Leaderboards that will tempt your competitive side

When can you get your hands on this dreamy adventure? The developers say “very soon”, so keep an eye out.

*Not guaranteed.