Tranquil 2D Platformer ‘Spectrum’ Glides Toward Console Launch

Sometimes you just need to chill. When life’s hectic pace and noisy clutter are too real, Spectrum‘s brand of abstract 2D platforming might just be the ambient antidote you need.

Stylish but minimalist, Spectrum invites players into a neon ballroom of shifting shapes and zen-laced puzzles. There are 80 levels to explore. Each one presents a gravitational challenge with various obstacles attempting to block your progress to the exit portal. In addition to completing the main course, there’s a fresh layer of difficulty hidden within three bonus objectives that are tailored to every level. Naturally, Spectrum features a relaxing atmopsheric suite that will pleasantly invade your auditory canal while matching the simple visuals. The dual force of vibrant environmental aesthetics and monochrome protagonist looks a bit like what you’d get if Super Hexagon and Forma.8 fell inside a hybridisation machine.

Spectrum is launching on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A precise release date has not yet been confirmed.