No Plans For a Resistance Remaster Any Time Soon

Resistance was a massively successful franchise back in the PS3 hey-days, it boasted an exciting splitscreen experience, immersive story and epic alien warfare gameplay. Unfortunately, the franchise lived and died on Sony’s previous generation console – and it seems like it’s going to stay that way for quite some time.

In a recent thread onĀ ResetEra, community manager James Stevenson was asked about the future of the franchise, and so far, it looks like Resistance is resisting.

“Nothing I’m aware of – as many of you know we don’t usually do any ports in-house, so if that was going to happen, it’d be up to PlayStation, but we’d love to see it. We hear from folks all the time who want to play those games again. We don’t have any plans for more Resistance at this time, but we always say: never say never. It’s also worth noting that PlayStation owns that IP,” he said.

Thoughts on this? Perhaps Sony will reignite the franchise if there is enough demand. That being said there are loads of other games that Sony may be better off breathing life back into.