Xbox Live Deals With Gold April 10th – 17th; Massive Addon Sale

deals with gold, detailed

Microsoft has just unveiled this week’s Deals With Gold, bringing a wide range of exclusive titles for the Xbox One down to slashed prices.

This week we see the launch of a massive Spring addon sale for multiple title. First off grab all the content for Assassins Creed Origins with the season pass dropping by 30%, if you don’t fancy the stealthy open-world title, and are more keen on first-person action, grab the Battlefield 1 premium pass running for a massive 75% discount. Fan of single-player first-person shooters? Grab the season pass for Fallout 4, running for 40% off the original price.

Not so keen on the single-player experience? Then grab the season pass for The Division, running for 60% off. Check out the full list of items on sale, down below:

Xbox One Deals