Hand of Fate 2 Endless Mode Unlocks Infinite Dungeon Crawling

Digital TCG/RPG hybrid Hand of Fate 2 is set to introduce a limitless gameplay feature which lets players dive into incrementally difficult rounds of magical action.

A free add-on, ‘Endless mode’ is Defiant Development’s gift to everyone who owns the game, and injects an infinite number of replayable quests, extra enemies, and randomised curse cards to darken your destiny. In the game, of course.

As a supplement to Endless Mode, Defiant Development is also bringing in a wave of fresh content in the form of new adventures, additional narrative branches and 50 collectible token shards, and has gone to great lengths in ensuring each dungeon run is exquisitely unique. Future DLC is being promised for the remainder of the year.

Hand of Fate 2 made our list of top five RPG games at PAX Aus 2017. Those interested in giving Hand of Fate 2 a whirl can try their luck on Steam for $29.99 USD. On console? No problemo, Hand of Fate 2 will be headed to both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in May.