Hand of Fate 2 Arrival on Xbox One Imminent

Defiant Development has gone public with the Xbox One launch date for Hand of Fate 2Arriving on December 1, it will be compatible with Xbox One X and look extra sharp thanks to 4K Ultra HD support.

Sequel to beloved deck-builder Hand of Fate, it’s been baking in the game development oven for the past two years, and according to director Morgan Jaffit, Hand of Fate 2 reaches exciting new RPG heights:

“When developing the original Hand of Fate, we set out to create a tabletop game that comes to life. While that project was widely praised and an incredible success for us, we felt there was room for improvement…I’m proud to say (Hand of Fate 2) is the best game I’ve ever worked on and am ecstatic it’s finally ready to be shared with the world”

You can check out the enigmatic launch trailer below.

Once again, you’ll be face to face with the mysterious card Dealer, and he’s not one for messing around. Join him in a series of exotic Dungeons & Dragons style challenges that tempt fate and test your skill on the battlefield. This time around, companion characters make their debut alongside you in self-sacrifice and offer you individual side-quests that go beyond the trodden path. There are also a host of new tabletop minigames and wonderful surprises that shan’t be spoiled here.

If you don’t have an Xbox One, fret not; Hand of Fate 2 first released through Steam (PC, Mac & Linux), GOG.com and the PlayStation store.