First Gears of War: Judgment Dreadnought DLC Screens Released

One of the main complaints fans had with the recently released Gears of War: Judgment was the lack of substantial multiplayer content. Although it may sound insane for one of the most popular shooters on Xbox LIVE to release with an anemic set of multiplayer features, a greater deal of online activities are on the way. The game's second Maxim-sponsored multiplayer map, which has been titled "Dreadnought," will launch for free on May 15, and the first two screenshots have recently been unearthed for your viewing pleasure.

This isn’t a location that will be accessible in all multiplayer modes, though. Dreadnought will only be playable within the confines of Overrun mode, but really, it’s difficult to complain when the content doesn’t cost players a single Microsoft Point. It takes place on the CNV Pomeroy, which is a beached ship that once sailed on the underground rivers of the Hollow. It’s the terrifying Locust hordes that attack the water craft to regain some captured Berserkers that the COG are moving to a secret research location.

The images provided show a maelstrom of sorts, where heavy rains and shredding winds have found their way to the ship. A deep-blue hue is painted on the entirety of the map, and some sort of helicopter can also be seen on a landing pad.

This content won’t be free forever. The offer is limited, so for those who own the game (which doesn’t seem to be as massive a crowd as Epic Games is used to), get ready to download the content this week.