EA: No Star Wars Games Until After Fiscal Year 2014

Do you already have a list of your most-wanted Star Wars games developed by the many different, talented EA studios? Well, the news of one of the biggest publishers in gaming picking up the rights to publish all future games in this massively popular universe may be exciting, but don’t expect to see any gaming products with Jedi or Stormtroopers in them until after fiscal year 2014.

This news comes during EA’s earnings call that detailed the financial success the company has enjoyed over the last 12 months. There will be 11 big-budget games to come from the corporation between April 2013 and March 2014, but none of them will be a part of this new Star Wars deal. However, some of the best development houses at EA will be heading these licensed products.

“We are not releasing details about the games today, but some of our most renowned and innovative creative teams are working on ideas," the publisher said.

During this particular fiscal year, we can expect to see new entries in the FIFA, Madden, Command & Conquer, and Battlefield series, as well as The Sims 4. EA also hopes to finally launch a new NBA Live game, which hasn’t found a way to make it to retailers over the past few years.

If we’re being realistic, the first sign of a new Star Wars game will probably coincide with the release of the 2015 film. The hype and marketing behind Disney’s Star Wars: Episode VII should be massive, and scheduling a video game release around that time probably wouldn’t be the worst idea.