Release Date For Spider-man Revealed

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Sony has officially revealed the release date for the highly anticipated superhero title, Spider-man. Fans can expect the title on PS4 on September 7th.

Alongside the release date, Insomniac has also stated that the title will run at a steady 30fps for both PS4 and PS4 Pro. Fans will also be happy to note that the game will feature no microtransactions. This is pretty awesome news considering that Spider-man is a huge franchise on its own, monetizing fans through microtransactions would be extremely easy to do.

So far the title seems like’s going to be giving fans exactly what they’ve wanted for a Spider-Man game, drawing from hugely from the wide-variety of comic books out there (rather than from the films). If you are interested in reading up a little bit more on the title, check out Bryan Inthar’s description, here.

Also, if you didn’t know, this iteration of the spiderman game will allow players to play as Mary Jane, I wonder what special abilities she’ll have?

Spider-Man is due to launch exclusively on the PS4 September 7th.