News on Western Release of Ace Attorney 5 Coming “Soon”, Additional AA5 DLC Planned


If you’ve been on the edge of your seat, waiting for news from Capcom on Ace Attorney 5’s North American release, information will be headed your way “soon”. On the “Ask Capcom” forums, a fan asked:

With AA5 coming out in Japan on 7/25, I was wondering if America will have to wait a while for it to release here. I'm aware it's already announced that it was coming here, just wondering if it will be a while.

A forum moderator offered his opinion that basically amounted to, “Be patient. Translating text-heavy games takes forever.” Capcom’s NA Corporate Officer and Senior Vice President Christian Svensson popped into the thread and gave us this little tidbit:

We will have AA5 news for Western audiences "soon ™". I'm sorry I can't give more detail than that. Don't want to trump the announcements when they come.

With E3 around the corner, news on an English release of Phoenix’s newest adventure might not be too far off. Wonderful news for those of us that have been salivating over the recent Japanese Ace Attorney 5 trailer. And speaking of that trailer, remember the pre-order DLC costumes at the very end? Well, Inside-Games interviewed producer Motohide Eshiro, and in a translation from, he had this to say about AA5 DLC:

We'll be sending out more information in the coming months, but we have a lot of interesting ideas, from the basic things players might imagine to stuff that's much more "Ace Attorney" in nature.

Lots of interesting news. I’m hoping for a DLC episode that fleshes out what has happened since Ace Attorney 4. I mean, where’s Trucy? What happened to the Wright Anything Agency family?