Playdead’s Next Heartstopping Project Looking for Dev Assist?

Playdead, the thinktank behind dark fantasy hits Inside and Limbo, put fans into speculative overdrive when it tweeted an image of its newest project in 2017. In true form, the developer held off revealing further information until this year, urging “creative, passionate” people to visit its booth at GDC. It accompanied the post with a brooding illustration in which a centered, solitary figure appears to be exiting a dim tunnel and entering an ivory aperture.

This could be concept art, or even correspond to a cutscene in the game. So far, it looks like snow comprises the majority of the environment, which is a definite departure from Playdead’s signature visual style of shadowy, desolate landscapes. However, if Limbo and Inside are any indication, it’ll probably be a single-player experience. The individual below (possibly a pilot or astronaut) seems to be following the trail of a dying comet. Whatever Playdead’s cooking up, I’m expecting it to be deep, sombre and beautifully twisted.

That said, we’ll probably have to wait a few years for a full release. Limbo broke into the scene in 2010, and Inside followed six years later, so this untitled project could have a similarly lengthy gestation period.

Thanks, IGN.