Overwatch To Add An ‘Avoid’ Player Option

Overwatch has been steadily growing since its release in 2016 – no doubt thanks to the constant free weekends and content updates. As with many games like this, the growth can result in a sometimes toxic community – which Overwatch has been known for, for quite some time Luckily, in the ongoing battle against toxicity Blizzard continues to make progress.

Have a specific someone you don’t want to see online? Fret not, Blizzard is adding in an option to ‘avoid’ specific players when you hop into the FPS.

The feature is currently available on the PTR and should make an appearance in the main game in the coming days. The functionality works like this: Select up to two players you want to avoid, and Blizzard will blacklist them from your matchmaking queue for the next 7 days. It should be noted that the blacklist can be reversed.

It sounds like a cool feature, but I personally think that it might turn against them – what if a group of trolls blacklisted one player? It could get messy, but I guess time will tell. Thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.