Quake Champions Introduces New Update; Adds Low Cost $4.99 Edition

Quake Champions has just received a massive new update – alongside this content update comes a new, low-cost option for the game.

The Scalebearer¬†version excludes every character from the game, besides¬†Scalebearer and Ranger (you’ll also have access to a few vanity items). This cheaper iteration of the game edition essentially gives you the chance to trial the game before you decide to upgrade. The edition will be running for¬†$4.99.

Besides the introduction of a ‘paid-trial’, you’ll now be able to hop into two new modes, instagib and No Abilities, read more about it down below:

INSTAGIB – The fast-moving, gib-tastic classic hits Quake Champions, introducing a fun, fast and casual game where every shot is a guaranteed frag. Players will start each match with the only weapons available – the Rail Gun and the Gauntlet. There are no weapon, health, armor, or power-up pickups. Champions still have active and passive abilities, so one-shot grenades from Keel and insta-kill totems from Galena add to the flesh-chewing madness.

2v2 TEAM DEATH MATCH RANKED MODE – It’s like Duel mode, but it’s 2v2. Players can team-up with a buddy and face off against other dynamic duos from around the world, strategising Champion and Ability combinations that will push them to the top of the global leaderboard.

SPRING COSMETICS – We’ve had enough snow and we’re ready for Spring. Quake Champions’ new Spring cosmetics lets players outfit Champions and weapons in a colorful collection of happy pastels and floral patterns. Spring-themed profile icons, name plates, and festive headwear, including a unicorn hat, bird’s nest, and more, round-out our Spring Collection. Go get yourself some pinks and purples and make some black-and-blues.

NO ABILITIES MODE – Party like it’s 1999, Quake Dads. Quake Champions can now go old school with the option to turn off active Champion abilities via custom games.

Quake Champions is out now for PC.