Chucklefish’s Cauldron Turns Project Spellbound Into Witchbrook

Once upon a time, lightning bolts and fantastic beasts rippled through the heart of society, and according to Chucklefish, an academy for little witches.

The Stardew Valley publisher announced the name of its next game via Twitter. Originally titled Project Starbound, its new identity, Witchbrook, was sworn in by Chucklefish’s CEO in nonchalant fashion. Appearance wise, it seems to tap into the Stardew Valley vein quite a bit, opting for vibrant pixel art and miniature characters. It’s certainly a wise idea to emulate a visual style players are already familiar with and have grown fond of, but the similarities don’t stop there.

Like Stardew Valley, which is set to undergo multiplayer betaWitchbrook was initially inspired by farming simulation Harvest Moon. An interview with Red Bull also revealed that relationships will be a pivotal component of gameplay. Your romantic schedule might face some unexpected cancellations, however, since Chucklefish wants your erotic desires to be part of an autonomous, fluctuating world. Translation — stock up on ribs and ice cream ’cause you might get dumped.

As for Witchbrook‘s core, expect a wizard school RPG where you enrol in school projects to become a master of academic might and magic. And while increasing your herbology proficiency is important, so is chatting up and befriending Witchbrook‘s enchanting cast of NPCs. There will also be a slice of Zelda-esque combat that lets you use spells to tackle your enemies instead of swords, bombs and arrows. Chucklefish says the game is “still quite a way off” but a picture’s worth a million incantations. Stay tuned to Gameranx for the latest updates.