Remastered Tomb Raider Trilogy Bringing Twin Pistols to Steam

With just a couple of days remaining until the Tomb Raider film hits cinemas, Canadian development team Realtech VR has announced plans to bring ports of the original three games to Valve’s digital distribution platform, Steam. If the classic trilogy is already in your library, good news — this remastered evolution will be a free add on. Don’t accept this as gospel truth just yet though, since Realtech still needs the green light from Square Enix to go ahead.

The first three Tomb Raider games were reborn on Steam in 2012. However, they were straight ports of the PlayStation classics, right down to the old school graphics and less than stellar control schemes. While some level of clunkiness is inherent in software emulation, Realtech VR’s remastered versions are set to sharpen up the graphics thanks to a new 3D engine. Included are new textures, rendering, and bug fixes. Players will also be able to switch between Tomb Raider II and Tomb Raider II Gold via the main menu. The remasters are technically improved mods and still draw upon game data from the pre-existing ports.

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