ARMS Gets A New Update; Patch 5.2 Introduces Big Time Arms To Regular Battles


Nintendo’s brawling title, ARMS has just received a new update. Patch 5.2 introduces a bunch of the usual bug fixes and balance alterations but also includes a host of new functionalities as well as a content added to the game.

First off, 5.2 update allows for Big Time ARMS to be selected in normal battles in case players want a handicap of sorts. When choosing ARMS, you can switch this option on and off with Y. Players should not that this option is only available to Versus Fights and not online battles. For the artistic admirers, the update also brings 15 new images to the Gallery.

Moving onto balance changes, Springtron has greater increased movement during a supercharge, while his movement speed during normal jumps has been reduced. Lola Pop has faster movement speed when jumping. Misango’s Rush gauge will now fill at a rate similar to every other fighter and it’ll be less difficult for it to fill when blue or red. You can check out the full list of changes below:

  • The Party Crash mode “Big Time ARMS” can now be selected in regular battle as well, so you can try something a little different. Feel free to use it as a handicap!
    – Prior to battle, when selecting ARMS, you can toggle this on and off with the Y button.
    – This feature can be used in Versus – Fight.
    – Can’t be used in online battles.
  • Added 15 new images to Gallery.
  • Fixed issue where fighters with super armor would not have their ARMS disabled by electric attacks during a rush attack.
  • Fixed issue where a noise would repeatedly play if communication was lost while Dr. Coyle had her extra ARMS out.

Adjusted abilities of some fighters and ARMS as follows.


  • Specs improved thanks to a certain girl genius! Movement during a super charge has been greatly increased.
  • He’s a little heavier now, but that’s fine! Movement speed for normal jumps has decreased.

Lola Pop

Increased movement speed when jumping.


  • Rush gauge now fills at a rate equal to other fighters during normal times.
  • Also made it somewhat less difficult for the rush gauge to fill when blue or red.

Byte & Barq

  • When jumping while on top of Barq, fixed an issue where a shockwave could be seen emanating from Byte as well.
  • Fixed an issue where, under certain conditions, the switch on Barqs head would stay pushed in.

Dr. Coyle

Fixed an issue where, under certain conditions, extra ARMS would appear while firing ARMS.


Fixed issue where self-destruct could occur during rush.


Increased charge attack speed.

Parasole and Parabola

Increased rush attack speed.

Glusher and Blorb

Decreased time from drop until collection.


Increased rush damage.


Increased retraction speed.


  • Decreased retraction speed.
  • Decreased time until automatic retraction after placement.


  • Decreased extension speed.
  • Decreased retraction speed.


Decreased expansion rate for charge attacks.