Overwatch’s Widowmaker Gets A Free Sarah Kerrigan Skin

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of StarCraft, Blizzard is set to release a bunch of StarCraft themed content across its gaming IPs. While officially the celebration starts March 31st, Blizzard Entertainment is starting it early with a free Sarah Kerrigan skin for Widowmaker. The only catch is that you’ll have to login in from March 6th to April 3rd. So if Overwatch has been gathering dust, make sure you boot it up and get some killing done.

As previously noted, Overwatch isn’t the only game getting some StarCraft fun, StarCraft: Remastered and StarCraft 2 players will get free portraits and decals while Diablo 3 players can net a Battlecruiser pet.

Those playing Hearthstone will receive a Tavern Brawl based on the sci-fi RTS on March 21st. Meanwhile, Heroes of the Storm receives anniversary portraits starting on March 27th and World of Warcraft players receive a couple of free pets.

Thoughts on the celebration? What are you most excited to snag during this period? Let us know in the comments down below.

In other Blizzard news, we won’t be seeing Diablo III on Nintendo’s Switch anytime soon.

Sorry crusaders and demon hunters, it looks like Blizzard’s Diablo III may not be launching on Nintendo Switch after all. A few days ago, the Blizzard Twitter account posted a short video that displayed a Diablo themed night lamp being switched on and off. Topped off with a “Sweet Dreams” caption, it was more than enough speculative fuel for some readers, who jumped to the hopeful conclusion that a Diablo III Switch port was on the say.