Sony Unveils Leviathan Gray God of War PS4 Pro Bundle

God of War fans who also own a PlayStation 4 Pro are in for a special treat. PlayStation Marketing Vice President Mary Yee has taken the liberty to announce a limited edition God of War PS4 Pro bundle on the official PlayStation blog. The colour scheme and meandering patterns pay homage to Kratos’ Leviathan axe, with the latter feature corresponding to the in-game Axe skill tree. It’s also decorated with runic gem slots which unlock special attacks. Sounds divine.

The design was envisioned in a joint effort with Santa Monica Studio. The team invested a great deal of time into making sure the eight runes and golden Norse trim on the side panels possessed an intricacy fans could really cherish. Accompanying the PS4 Pro is a matching Leviathan Gray DualShock 4 wireless controller. It sports a God of War logo on the touch pad, in addition to the the Huldra Brothers band on the right handle.

Playing God of War on a 4K television should fetch you a dynamic 4K resolution that’s made possible by checkerboarding. Even if you’re playing in HD, you still benefit from higher image clarity thanks to God of War‘s supersampling technique that translates the increased resolution onto your display. HDR (High dynamic range) lighting is present on both PS4 and PS4 Pro and works on all compatible TVs. God of War character artist Raf Grassetti confirmed that there would be no graphical downgrade for the PS4 version.

Pre-orders for the limited edition God of War PS4 Pro bundle are now live and are selling for $399.99 USD/ $499.99 CAD. God of War is due to release on April 20.