Pint-Sized Delight The Swords of Ditto Releases Next Month

Do you ever feel a strange longing as you stare at the cobwebs gathering around your Game Boy Color collection? Well, it’s time to throw your sadness away. Indie team Onebitbeyond is knocking at your door with a spirited action-adventure that’s cradled in legend. Meet The Swords of Ditto, an RPG that’s entering the scene next month with quaint colours, adorable characters, and malice scented dungeons.

The Swords of Ditto lets you relive your favourite old-school adventures across miniature screens and take part in heroic battles. Slowly contaminating the island is a hidden evil, masterminded by the heartless sorceress Mormo. It’s up to you to restore good with sword, archer’s bow and a whole range of other bizarre weaponry (see vinyl record Frisbee). Rather interestingly, this legend is flexbile; you can tough it out with Mormo right away, or explore the overworld, dingy caverns and plunging wells in search for stickers and loot. Not only does TSoD ditch the linearity of older titles, it also packs in a local co-op mode so you can buddy up with a friend and experience the magic together.

The Swords of Ditto releases on April 24 for PC (Steam, GOG) and PlayStation 4.