Kaleidoscopic Adventure 0°N 0°W Enters Steam’s Visual Cortex

Colorfiction’s first-person abstract adventure 0°N 0°W is so far from Kansas it probably shouldn’t exist. But it does. Stranded somewhere between dusty dunes and scalding mesas, there’s a hidden world without borders. A “cosmic labyrinth” where nebulous dreams beget non-linear exploration and geometric wanderlust.

Forget melting clocks and apple heads, this game books you a first class ticket to a multidimensional wonderland of randomised level progression and minimalist mechanics. There are no puzzles, QTEs, skill trees or loading screens. What’s the draw, then? Curiosity. The tantalising unknown that awaits you at the edge of this strange kingdom. It’s just you and your thoughts, so throw out the map — you won’t need it.

To celerate its launch, 0°N 0°W is available at a specially discounted price for the next week. Lovers of the surreal can pick it up on Steam today.

Photosensitivity warning: 0°N 0°W contains bright patterns and flashing lights. It may not be suitable for all audiences.