Xbox Live Is Accidentally Showing Real Names On Gamertags


Some users have begun reporting that Microsoft has started displaying their real names on Xbox Live – even though the option has been disabled. So far this seems to be a random mistake on Microsoft’s end, but it has begun to raise security concerns on potential doxers who may be trying to gain information on users.

The news comes from a Reddit thread whereby where multiple users have now verified that their real-life username is being displayed instead of their gamertag. If you have people added on Xbox Live, they might be able to see your real name now even if you have disabled the setting for it. What’s more problematic is that players real names have also been displayed on the recent player’s list.

As of right now, we don’t really know when the issue will be permanently fixed, but it does seem that there is a workaround. To disable it, you need to head to the following link and then make sure that name sharing is disabled. If you add a new friend, the setting is usually displayed asking if you want them to see your real name.