BioWare Wants You To Download Dragon Age II’s Demo

dragon age 2

BioWare has issued a statement saying that if the demo for "Dragon Age II" is downloaded a million times before March 1, every future owner of the game will receive two free DLC rewards. The rewards will only be unlocked if the combined number of downloads between the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC exceed the allotted number.

The first of the two rewards is a book titled "The Far Cliffs of Kirkwall," which contains poetry written by a Feraldan refugee dreaming of a new life across the seas as she flees from the Blight. The second reward is "Lothering's Lament," also a book of poetry containing the experiences of a Feraldan refugee who reminisces of the world she left behind. Both books will provide the player with experience points and plenty of material to read.

The total number of downloads will be calculated on the "Dragon Age 2" demo page and you'll have to be logged into your EA account while you play the demo for your download to be registered. Completing the demo while logged into your account will also unlock a few additional items for you to use in the full version of the game, which should be incentive for even the most stubborn gamers.

"Dragon Age 2" is due out on PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 this coming March 8.