HyperX Hits 4 Million Shipment Milestone

Kingston’s gaming branch HyperX announced today that it has shipped more than four million gaming headsets. This bracket includes its award-winning Cloud Stinger and dual-chamber Cloud Alpha headsets, which boast multi-platform compatibility, adjustable headbands, and the comfort of HyperX’s signature memory foam.

The groundbreaking HyperX Cloud Alpha. Image: HyperX

HyperX began its tech odyssey in 2014. Within two years, the subsidiary established itself as a force to be reckoned with by shipping one million units and crossing the oceanic borders of over 100 countries. The complete line of HyperX headsets has tipped the 1.3 million sales mark, and features a formidable range of devices which all promise industry-leading audio quality:

Senior business manager for Hyper X Marcus Hermann was unequivocal in his belief these headsets deliver inimitable performance for eSports champions and casual gamers alike:

“HyperX is committed to designing products that offer gamers unparalleled performance…The result is a headset line that satisfies the demanding specifications of the gaming community that we love.  We’ll keep striving to earn that respect as we push our designs further.”

HyperX prides itself on the core tenet that “we’re all gamers” regardless of skill level or the game genres we flock to.

A lightweight symphony: The HyperX Cloud Stinger. Image: HyperX