Harness Your Inner Survivor in Island Time VR

You’ve lived through the madness of Survivor, but have you ever imagined it in VR? Flight School Studios has. This team of developers — equally magnetised by humour and survival games — is asking players to use their wit and ingenious crafting skills on “an island the size of a coffee table”. Island Time VR dares you to ignore pangs of hunger as you struggle to survive in a post-shiprecked life.

The rules for stayin’ alive are simple: hunt for tasty morsels of food, build tools, start fires, and banish troublesome creatures for as as long as you can in a trial-and-error playground. And if you get stuck, Carl the Crab is more than happy to point you in the right direction. Creative Director Adam Volker says players will unlock various secrets and a proper difficulty curve over multiple playthroughs, each one demanding a touch of multi-tasking expertise to make sure resources are adequately stocked. There’s also a chance to signal an airplane for assistance, and if you play your cards right, the virtual reward of a gorgeous tropical sunset to help you temporarily forget the gloomy reality of your situtation.

Island Time VR is available on PSVR and Steam (Oculus, HTC Vive).