Psyonix To Release A Hot Wheels Bluetooth RC Set

Pysonix and Hot Wheels have teamed up to recreate Rocket League in real life with this miniature bluet00th enabled remote-controlled set.

Built on the success from the last DLC drop from Hot Wheels last year, this RC kit (pictured below) will see Hot Wheels-designed vehicles controlled via Bluetooth devices, with Octane and Dominus Battle Cars set to take to a small custom built arena.

The RC set won’t be the only collaboration we see from these two companies, there is another DLC drop planned to release on Wednesday. You can check out the teased content with this short trailer down below:

The RC set doesn’t have a release date as of yet, but we do know that the entire set will cost $180, so you won’t be breaking the bank on this one.

Rocket League pits players controlling remote-controlled rocket cars against each other in football matches, the premise is as you’d imagine, get the ball in the goal. Easy right? Not at all, this super addictive game will have you punting hours into perfecting your shots, using sneaky speed tactics and handling your vehicle. I raged quit the game pretty quickly but I know tons of people that would never delete Rocket League from their library.

Rocket League is out now for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.