EA Allegedly Hands Out Free Battlefront 2 Crates As An Apology

Love em, or hate em, EA is allegedly shelling out a free Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot crates as an apology for recent issues with rewards not unlocking properly. As PSU pointed out, players will log in to the game to receive the following message:

“Fixes deployed. Sincere apologies. Here are some credits for your inconvenience.”

Star War Battlefront II has been subject to widespread criticism when it comes to loot crates, causing the developers to drop the prices of the crates considerably and alter the contents of the crates. What’s more, the controversy has also been speculated to have caused EA to miss it’s sales target of 10 million by a 1 million mark – let’s hope EA learns from this mistake in the future.

In other Star Wars Battlefront 2 news, there’s a hint this week that EA DICE may be looking to release a Conquest Mode and customization options, and possibly DLC based on Clone Wars.

“We’re obviously hearing the requests about a more open, free-flowing large mode like Conquest. Not sure if porting a mode over is the right way to go, but we’re definitely working on satisfying that request” wrote the developer on the official forums. They also responded with a “yes” when asked whether they were looking into Clone Wars content and customization.