10 WEIRD But COOL Gaming Accessories

Depending on whether you’re a console or PC gamer, there’s naturally a few bits of essential hardware in your repertoire. For a desktop computer, you need a sturdy keyboard and mouse to get you through the day. PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch users rely on gaming controllers. But what about those extra peripherals? You know, the bizarre, blood-spattered Chainsaw controllers, or a 36 USB MegaHub for those of us who need to plug in 36 devices at once? Now we’re entering niche territory. Falcon details some of the strangest, most ingenious gaming accessories to hit the scene.

10. Enavo Heatbuff

Gaming in the winter can leave your fingers feeling frosty. Thankfully, the folks at Enavo have come up with a way to keep key-pressing digits warm and toasty. Pre-order here. Shipments are expected this July.

9. Thanko Electric Armpit Clip-on Cooler Fan

Don’t sweat the small stuff with this electric armpit fan! It runs on two AAA batteries and lasts between five to nine hours. Splurge here.

8. Nintendo Switch compatible USB Keyboard


MMO Dragon Quest X prompted the creation of a Joy-Con keyboard hybrid for the ultimate chatting freedom. Pre-order here. The Cyber USB Keyboard for Nintendo Switch officially goes on sale from April 30.

7. PS2 Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller

A collector’s item for those who like to play dirty. It looks slightly impractical, but an ideal way to scare people out of playing your PlayStation 2 games. Splurge here.

6. 36 Port USB 2.0 Hub “MegaHub”

Resembling robot vacuum cleaners or perhaps futuristic Star Wars technology is the multiport ‘MegaHub’, a nifty device which lets you connect 36 USB powered devices in one go. It offers transfer speeds reaching 480 Mbps and the elusive goalpost of organisation. Splurge here.

5. Virtuix Omni

As far as I know, humans haven’t mastered the art of holotechnology, so we’ll have to settle for the Virtuix Omni, a compact VR harness specifically designed for multiplayer virtual reality experiences. These immersive units come packed with over 15 games and require an HTC Vive to operate. I can definitely see them popping up in gyms. Check it out here.

4. My Arcade Retro Arcade Machine

Coin-op arcades might not be as popular as they once were, but the My Arcade Retro Machine wants to let players relive the glory days with joysticks, authentic sounds, and a massive collection of 200 nostalgic games on a mini LCD screen. In colour. Splurge here.

3. OneBoard Pro +

Here’s your mechanical, backlit keyboard that doubles as an Android computer, would you like fries with that? OneBoard Pro + is a smart keyboard running on an Android 4.4 OS that plugs into a screen (TV or monitor) and fires up like an Android mobile would. You can even switch back to Windows at the press of a button. Check it out here.

2. SteelSeries Touch Screen Gaming Controls

Do you get touchy when it comes to Tablet gaming controls? If you miss that tacticle joystick sensation, SteelSeries has envisioned a way for you to have your cake and eat it.  Splurge here.

1. Nintendo Switch Comfortable Hands-Free Stand

Who needs Joy-Cons when you can strap yourself into a hands-free black contraption that screams creepy neck pillow? That’s right, nobody. Apparently, the Hands-Free Stand lets you swivel around in a comfortable revolution, and immerse yourself into the audiovisual bliss of Switch games with a movement range of 7 to 14 cm. To be used in public if you really like attention.