Tencent Announces Arena of Valor World Cup; Major Cash Prizes Revealed

Gaming heavyweight Tencent has arranged for Arena of Valor to expand the growing eSports mobile division in a series of tournaments called the Arena of Valor World Cup. Arena of Valor‘s popularity has already made some giant ripples abroad, but the World Cup — which will be hosted in Los Angeles — represents the beginning of Tencent’s advance into the US competitive market, and offers the “highest standard of competitive play” with a prize pool exceeding half a million dollars.

Scheduled to begin this July, the mobile-exclusive event features “the most accessible competitive game” for players looking to get started in eSports. Tencent says it’s committed to building “a true mobile eSports ecosystem” on a global scale. This means the introduction of premium competitions like AoV‘s World Cup and additional regionalised and collegiate-level tournaments, as well as the AoV International Championship which took place last year in South Korea. Further information on the location, how to register, and purchase tickets to the prestigious 5v5 contest will be released in the near future. Keep an eye on the Arena of Valor website for breaking updates.

Last month, Arena of Valor received a number of patches designed to iron out rougher aspects of gameplay.