Funky iOS Tapper ‘Ink or Swim’ Makes Underwater Debut Soon

Have you been getting the finger-tapping workout of your life with Trap Adventure 2? There’s another (much more forgiving) mobile adventure to keep on your subaquatic radar called Ink or Swim, releasing in just under a week. Adorned with retro aesthetics and nostalgic chiptune melodies, it’ll send you right back to Ariel’s secret grotto. Sebastian would be so proud of this game.

Ideal for quick, casual sessions, Ink or Swim lets you assume the role of a pint-sized squid made of pixels, and dares you to conquer 32 uniquely challenging underwater worlds. Natrually, there’ll be schools of machiavellian marine life eager to halt your progress, like electric jellyfish, cranky crabs, and spineless coral, but with the help of the super starfish, you can power up your squid for a fighting chance. There’s also a bunch of colourful collectibles to bring out your inner completionist, plus a leaderboard, where you can battle it out with your friends to achieve squid supremacy.

Ink or Swim is out from February 8 via the App Store.