Rumour: Microsoft Plans on Buying Out PUBG Corp, EA & Valve

The digital rumour mill is aswirl with impending acquisitions, according to a recent Polygon report. Microsoft is allegedly in the process of acquiring some big names in the business — EA, Valve and PUBG Corp — and whether or not this is actually true, the ramifications have been quite positive in the business department, where EA stocks have jumped by 2.13%.

EA shares rose by 2% following suggestions it would be acquired by Microsoft. Image: MarketWatch.

The original tip-off comes from “a reliable source close to Microsoft”. And Microsoft did eventually go through with an acquisition, though not any of the aformentioned companies; earlier today, we reported on Microsoft‘s decision to purchase PlayFab, a backend platform provider that is fluent in cloud-based gaming. Before the reveal, SuperData Research’s Joost van Dreunen had said he was “expecting to hear Microsoft announce something very, very shortly”, so perhaps this is what he was referring to.

Van Dreunen also pointed out that Sony will be making aggressive advances in this period of the PlayStation 4’s life cycle, which “gives the impression that Microsoft’s exclusives portfolio is pretty meager”. What are your thoughts? Will Microsoft go ahead with the buy-out, or is it just speculative fodder?